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Pakaraimas Safari 2009.

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N.B. I wrote this as a short article to accompany photographs of this trip in a Guyanese magazine called “Apsara”. I can’t recall which issues it was published in and the photographs here are not necessarily those included in the magazine (some are from a trip in the interior in 2005). I’ve also edited the content a bit from the magazine article.

Karasabai Village, we started our drive through the mountains from here

On vacation you are supposed to experience exotic foods, meet interesting people and see unusual sights. I might have expected to achieve two out of three of those on the Pakaraima Mountain Safari 2009, but it never occurred to me that I would have an exotic lunch of curried chowmein after driving six hundred and fifty kilometers over three days into the heart of Guyana’s interior. Curried chowmein is certainly not something I had ever eaten before, but it was an unexpected treat on a journey where lunch is usually a handful of fried plantain chips or crackers. (more…)